Rob Anderson Chooses Buckshot Caucus & Parliamentarian with Ethics Violations To Run State Convention

Carrie Dickson has served as the official parliamentarian for Chairman Rob Anderson. She’s been quoted as telling a prominent Republican leader “Tell me what you want to get done, and I’ll use Robert’s Rules to do it.” She uses her knowledge the rules to create chaos instead of order.

The Ethics Committee of the National Association of Parliamentarians has reprimanded Carrie Dickson 5 times in just the past year for rules violations. She was accused of 39 other violations but some how wiggled out of them by claiming she properly advised Rob Anderson, and he failed to follow her counsel. Either way, Chairman Anderson and Carrie Dickson together have a complete disregard for the rules established to run meetings. This is frightening, given she has been selected as the Parliamentarian to oversee the 2018 State Convention on April 21st.

Ethics Violations of Parliamentarian Carrie Dickson

The following are the findings of the Ethics Committee of the National Association of Parliamentarians regarding Carrie Dickson:

  • Did not act properly, and was reprimanded for allowing violations of the Utah Republican Party Bylaws.
  • Actions were found to violate party Bylaws.
  • Reprimanded by the NAP for misleading State Central Committee members.
  • Reprimanded for violating of the basic tenants of parliamentary procedure on multiple occasions.
  • Violated rights of SCC members by unexpectedly reconvening an SCC during the middle of a recess contrary to the timing determined by the ruling of the SCC. It just so happens that a motion from Daryl Acumen to drop the SB54 lawsuit was made immediately after reconvening early, excluding several SCC members from exercising their right to vote.
Rules Violations of Chairman Rob Anderson, Where He Refused The Direction Provided by the Parliamentarian

In many of the following cases, Carrie Dickson claims to have properly advised Chairman Anderson, and he went rogue and ignored her counsel, by doing the following:

  • Ignored motions on the floor, which he cannot do, as he’s required to be impartial.
  • Made his own motions, which he cannot do.
  • Insisted on an agenda containing a sequence of events that violated Party Bylaws
  • Allowed candidates who missed filing deadlines to participate in elections
  • Promoted the use of voting methodologies not allowed by governing documents
  • Demanded the State Central Committee take certain actions during meetings without any motion being made
  • Attempted to circumvent GOP bylaws to approve auxiliaries so Daryl Acumen and his wife Kathleen Anderson could receive seats on the SCC.
  • Rejected a women’s auxiliary from being recognized by the Party because it was competing with his wife’s auxiliary.
  • Misinterpreted the Constitution & Bylaws to deny the rights of SCC members to hold roll-call votes to ensure the Chair wasn’t improperly declaring voting results of the body.
  • Ignores “Appeals to the Rulings of the Chair”, and even attempted to have an SCC member forcibly and wrongfully removed from a meeting and sent to jail for making a valid motion.
  • Violated a motion from the floor to take an official recess until votes for SCC officers were tallied. During the recess an attempt was made to quickly recommence the meeting, wherein Daryl Acumen (formerly Daryl Bradshaw) brought a motion with members of the body still out of the meeting to drop the SB54 lawsuit, and then quickly adjourn the meeting.
Chairman Anderson uses Carrie Dickson & Robert’s Rules To Defend Gross Misconduct When He Unilaterally Edits Party Bylaws

Following the February 24, 2018 State Central Committee Meeting where the membership forfeiture bylaw was passed by a super majority of the members present, the Chair of the C&B Committee and Secretary Lisa Shepherd signed, certified, and published the new bylaws to the party website. The certified Bylaws were sent to the Lieutenant Governor’s office. Subsequently, Chairman Anderson downloaded the Bylaws, removed the certified signatures from the document, and proceeded to manually alter and modify the document. He removed the membership-forfeiture bylaw from the document, as well making other small formatting changes. Click here and scroll to page 11 to see the changes Rob Anderson unilaterally made to the certified bylaws published to the Party website, with zero authorization from delegates or the State Central Committee.

Anderson then sent the fraudulent and counterfeit version of the Bylaws to the Lieutenant Governor Cox’s Office (also a Buckshot Caucus member), who incredulously accepted them, and ignored the certified Party bylaws he had received earlier. Anderson did all this after his witch hunt into Secretary Shepherd wherein he publicly chastised her for making simple formatting changes to governing documents.”

It’s probably no surprise to you at this point that Carrie Dickson rushed to Rob Anderson’s aid to help him justify this gross overreach. Chairman Anderson sent an email to Utah Republicans on March 13, 2018, claiming the following:

Due to the seriousness of this matter, a thorough legal and parliamentarian review was conducted, as well as multiple consultations with the Utah State Legislature and the Utah Elections Office.

Robert’s Rules of Order (newly revised) clearly states:

RONR Article VIII Vote. 47. Votes that are Null and Void even if Unanimous: “No motion is in order that conflicts with the laws of the nation, or state, or with the assembly’s constitution or by-laws, and if such a motion is adopted, even by a unanimous vote, it is null and void. No rule that conflicts with a rule of a higher order is of any authority.”

Rob Anderson and Carrie Dickson conveniently forgot to mention in their email to Utah Republicans that Roberts Rules of Order only apply when not in conflict with the Constitution and Bylaws, and the governing documents clearly a spell out a process for making bylaw changes. This is not a gray area. Dickson again was being told what to get done, and she attempted to use corrupt Parliamentary procedure to do it.

Besides foolishly asserting a legal conclusion, this statement of illegality appears clearly false, because the referenced law specifies that a party MAY choose their general election candidates as they wish. Moreover, even if it was contrary to the law, it would not be legally binding if it is unconstitutional, which has been the Party’s assertion all along. Even a District Court Judge Nuffer asserted the Party still had a right to remove members after SB54 became law.

Carrie Dickson should no longer serve as the Party’s Parliamentarian, especially during the State Convention.

Chairman Anderson Tries To Put Buckshot Caucus In Charge of the 2018 Convention

Members of the GOP Executive Committee reported that Rob Anderson proposed Buckshot Caucus Member Todd Weiler to run the Rules Committee, and Buckshot Caucus Member Curt Bramble to run the credentialing process for the 2018 Convention. Anderson threatened to cancel convention if the committee didn’t approve both Weiler and Bramble. The Executive Committee compromised and allowed Bramble onto the Credentialing Committee, but they gave Weiler the boot but replaced him with another Buckshot Caucus Member, Clair Ellis, to lead the Rules Committee.

Clearly Anderson has no respect for the Rules and Processes designed to maintain order. A State Convention resolution was submitted by Jacob Hibbard all State Delegates should consider supporting so we can maintain Party order going forward. View Resolution

Click Here To View 18-Page Report On Carrie Dickson Rules Violations

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