Powerful Utah Senator Attempts to Extort Dave Bateman

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Dave Bateman has an update with respect to the extortion attempts he’s been subjected to by a member of Buckshot CaucusWatch the video to the right if you haven’t yet seen what’s going on. Dave is being extorted because he took a stand against “Count My Vote”. Over the past couple of months he has stepped forward to help save the Caucus-Convention System and rescue the Utah Republican Party from bankruptcy.

Dave Bateman has finally found the individual responsible for the extortion, and he has gone to the police with the information. Dave has have an audio recording that fully exposes this. Dave Bateman said “I’m shocked to learn it is a powerful Utah State Senator who is one of the key legislators responsible for deceiving our other good and honest legislators into passing SB54.” Dave released the audio file on a Facebook live at https://www.facebook.com/davidjonathanbateman

Please listen. You won’t believe your ears when you hear this recording. If you want to help fight back against corruption in Utah government please share the video my Facebook live video, and use the hashtag #stoptheBS (buck shot) when you do. In fact, whenever you post anything political please start using this hash tag. Our elected representatives need to know we are done tolerating their corruption and we’re draining the swamp. Buck Shot Caucus is the epi-center of corruption in Utah politics.

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